All color services are the base prices. Pricing may increase with thickness/length of hair.

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A balayage is hand-painted hilights, to give the hair a more natural, lived in look. Includes gloss, blow-dry, and style. 


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Hilight & Lowlight

A full head of hilight and lowlights to give your hair a bunch of dimension. Includes gloss, blow-dry, and style.


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Root Retouch

This service includes covering up them lovely grays. Includes blow-dry. 


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Airbrush Makeup

Makeup that makes your skin look flawless. An even base with a full face of makeup.


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Full Hilight

A full hilight includes a whole head of foils to make you the blonde you've always wanted to be! Gloss, blow-dry, and style included. 


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All Over Color

All over colors is one solid color to even everything out. Includes blow-dry and style.


Took Pam from a super blonde to a more n

Detailed Cut

A detailed cut would be anything that takes longer than 30 minutes. 


Eyebrow Plucking


Brow, lip or chin waxing!


Some hilights to brighten up miss Hanah!

Partial Hilight

A partial hilight includes 20 foils to give you a pop of color. Pairs with gloss and blow-dry.


color melt.jpg

Color Melt

A color melt is normally a darker shade on top melted to a lighter shade. Perfect for growing out some old hilights. Dry and style included.




Get your hair done for a special occasion with a beautiful updo.