Lichelle Townsend

Hello! My name is Lichelle! (Like Michelle-but with an L) I am a stylist Iconic Luxe Salon in Plymouth. I am 23 years old and have been doing hair since I was 17. Ever since I was little I've been interested in the beauty industry. I started beauty school my senior year of high school and it was the best decision ever. I got lucky and found what my calling was early on. I also love to paint! This industry allows me to paint every day. Hair is my new canvas and it really lets me have that creative freedom that I love. Being a hairstylist I've also learned that I love to make people feel good about themselves. After finishing a color service and seeing my clients face light up with joy is such an amazing feeling. I get to see their confidence grow. My favorite services always include blonde! Blonding is my specialty if I do say so myself. 

You are going to love having me as your stylist if you aren't afraid of change. You want a whole new look? Lets do it. You want to keep your hair the same and just enhance the color a bit more? Perfect, I can do that for you! However, I won't let you walk out of the salon in something you won't look or feel confident in. I am all about the change!

Now that you've met me, I am so excited to meet you! 

Message me directly on my Facebook page to book an appointment or text/call our salon phone to book. (734)454-0505